NEXUS OMEGA [ˈnɛksəs oˈmeɪɡə] :: the last connection


_project ::

modern melodic death metal – a combination of modern metal and synthetic / atmospheric sounds


_crew ::

Jean Speich


Marcel Kellner-Hoefer
[Guitars, Programming]

Volker Neubeck

Sandro Eippert
[Guitars, Programming]

Daniel Ohliger

_preceeding projects::

Xterminate, Ayon, Messerschmitt



50.9294063 northern latitude, 11.58445621 eastern longitude, planet earth



After the break-up of Xterminate in 2012 Marcel and Volker joined Ayon, where Toni played drums. In 2016, Sandro who also was a former member of Xterminate joined. The new project NEXUS OMEGA was born. Daniel completed the line-up in 2017. In 2018, the first album >>PASSWORD::INFINITY<< was recorded. In February 2019 Toni left the band. Jean joined the band in February 2019 as worthy successor on the drums.